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Vinylmation Beginner's Guide - Display Ideas

Today's Vinylmation Beginner's Guide post will showcase some display ideas for your Vinylmation collection. My initial hesitation with buying Vinylmation was, "What do I do with them?" I thought their uniform shape made them look fantastic when displayed all together, not messy and tacky like some other types of collectibles I had seen displayed. I just had to figure out how.

My personal display has taken many forms and changed over the years as my collection has grown. I'll be sharing that in another post. But for this post, here are some ideas of different ways to show off your Vinylmation treasures.

Let's start with tabletop display ideas. These options can sit on dressers, shelves, bookcases, desks, media stands, and anywhere else you can think of, which is great if you don't want to have to buy new furniture to accommodate your Vinylmation. Aside from just placing your vinyls on these items, here are some ways to display your collection in a more tidy, organized fashion, and maybe even allow more to be stored in that same space. 

Shot Glass Display Cases

Shot glass display cases are often the perfect size for 3" Vinylmation and Jrs. Depending on the shape of the individual figure, this option will not work for Park Starz figures most of the time. Shot glass display boxes can usually house 24 Vinylmation, but some accommodate more or less than that. Target has a shot glass case/shadow box that would hold 28 figures and retails for $39.99. Shot glass display cases can also hang on the wall if you prefer (more on wall options later).

Multi Level Display Boxes
(Photo Credit: DizThruBrownEyes)

Another method for displaying vinyls that will fit on furniture items like desks and bookcases is multi level display boxes. This is a very popular option with collectors. Perfect for 3" and Jr. figures, these boxes can also accommodate Park Starz, unlike the previous option. If you're displaying 3" figures, 12-15 Vinylmation will usually fit in these boxes. Multi level display boxes are available for $9.99 at the Container Store. They can also be stacked on top of each other (as shown in the picture) so as your collection grows, you can move your display on to the floor to create a makeshift display case.

If your collection is too big for the options I've just mentioned, or you don't like those ideas, let's take a look at some freestanding display ideas:

Cube Organizer

Cube Organizers have the advantage of being as big or as small as you want them to be. 2 cubes, 4 cubes, 12 cubes, you can decide. Some models even allow for easy add-ons as your collection grows. One of the benefits of a cube organizer is that it can display every type of Vinylmation: Jr., 3", 9", and Park Starz (most of which are shown above). Some of the small cube organizers can even hang on the wall if you prefer. You could even incorporate the Multi Level Display box into this organization method. Cube organizers are available in several sizes and colors, at numerous stores including Amazon, Walmart, Target and Pottery Barn.

Display Cases

Display cases are another popular way for collections to showcase their Vinylmation. You can often move the placement of the shelves within the cases to allow your 9" figures to fit, as well as 3", Jr. and Park Starz. Again, you could even add Multi Level Display boxes. These cases give great visibility to your figures, and if you're able to place them in a location where you can see all sides of the vinyls, that would be perfection! Some figures' greatest artwork is on the back and you wouldn't be letting that go to waste. I've also seen some incredible things done with lighting in display cases, as well as turntables if you're feeling creative. If you want to take this route, I recommend IKEA. I love how theirs look and I think they're inexpensive.


This might be the easiest option, because there's likely to be a bookcase in your house already that you can re-purpose without needing to buy more furniture. Again, you can usually change the level of the shelves to accommodate 3", Jr., 9" and Park Starz figures. And again you could add Multi Level Display boxes if you wanted to. You can pretty much buy bookcases anywhere you can think of.

Maybe you had some form of wall display in mind. Here are some ideas on that front:


Shelves come in all different sizes, styles and colors. You can also pick some up really inexpensively and add more shelves easily as your collection grows. Depending how you put them up and what size you buy, you can make sure your shelves will hold every size of Vinylmation. If your shelf is wide enough, you could also add Multi Level Display boxes. Otherwise, the more rows of Vinylmation you have on your shelf, the less you'll see them. (More on how I displayed my collection on shelves in a later post). I bought my shelves at Target.

Custom Shelving by Kasper Custom Creation

If you really want something to show off your Disney Side, consider custom shelving. I've seen various sellers on Etsy over the years with all kinds of wonderful creations. They can make varying sizes to allow for 3" and Jr. figures, as well as some Park Starz. However, this option will exclude displaying your 9" figures. Putting several different styled custom shelves together on your wall would be like another collection in itself!

Of course, you're only limited by your imagination! (And maybe your budget!) These are all simply suggestions. I've seen and heard all kinds of things that I haven't mentioned here, as well as some really inventive creations that collectors have made themselves. If you have pictures of how you've displayed your collection that you would like to share, please feel free to send them my way! I'd love to see them! And maybe I'll post again in the future showing some of your pictures!

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Park Starz #5 Release

Park Starz #5 has been released today at the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and the Disney Store Online. This is a 12 figure set of 11 common figures and a chaser, with characters from attractions including: Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien Encounter, the Jungle Cruise, Country Bear Jamboree, It's A Small World, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Spaceship Earth, the Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, and Muppet*Vision 3D.

Each blind box retails at $18.99. Expect this series to be available on the Shop Disney Parks App in the near future.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Piglet

Series: Animation #5
Artist: Monty Maldovan
Released: August 2014

Friday, January 20, 2017

Minnie Mouse Eachez Release

A Minnie Mouse Vinylmation Eachez has been released today at the Disney Store online. This is a Limited Edition of 2,500 with one common figure and two variant figures. The common figure is Polka Dot Minnie (pictured top) with 7 in 10 odds of being in the box for a total of 1,750 figures. The first variant is Sailor Suit Minnie (pictured bottom left) with 1 in 5 odds for a total of 500 figures. The second variant is Cheetah Print Minnie (pictured bottom right) with 1 in 10 odds for a total of 250 figures.

Polka Dot Minnie was designed by artists Jackie Harris and Caley Hicks, Sailor Suit Minnie was designed by artist Caley Hicks, and Cheetah Print Minnie was designed by artists Caley Hicks and Suzanne Herbert. Each blind box retails at $16.99.

2017 Walt Disney World Eachez Release

I previously posted about the release of the 2017 Walt Disney World Eachez and today this Eachez has been released at the Disney Store online. This is a limited release, so exact quantities are not known. The common figure is Sorcerer Mickey (9 in 10 odds) and the variant is Minnie (1 in 10 odds). Both figures were designed by artist A. Hamilton and each blind box retails at $14.99. There is also a Disneyland version and this Eachez is still available as of this posting on the Shop Disney Parks App.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Narwhal

Series: Cutesters Snow Day
Artist: Maria Clapsis
Released: January 2014

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vinylmation Dreaming - Moana Series

Today I have another Vinylmation Dreaming post for you! I'd like to share my idea for a Moana Vinylmation series! I saw Moana back in November, and I absolutely loved it! I've been listening to the incredible soundtrack regularly ever since and keep checking out all the merchandise available. I think it was an oversight that Disney did not release a Vinylmation series. Here's what I think a Moana series should look like.

They could produce some incredible art on the blind boxes!

I would make this an 8 figure blind box set, with our favorite characters of course! For the common figures I would include:

Who needs a necklace accessory!

With a fishhook accessory

Hei Hei
Who should have a tail and comb accessory


Who would have claws like Sebastian from Animaion #2

They should have these hat accessories as well as blowdart accessories
One of these two would be the common and the other a variant figure

Baby Moana
She would have a flower and shell accessory

I would make the chaser in this series Te Fiti:

Te Fiti
She would have a flower headband accessory

I already mentioned that I think there should be a variant of the Kakamora figure. I also think there should be two other variants:

Chief Moana variant
She should have the flower headband accessory

Neon Tamatoa variant
Again he would have claws

I think this would be a great series to collect and I know that the Disney Design Group artists, especially Ron Cohee would absolutely kill it! I would love to see a Moana Vinylmation series come to fruition!

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Fox

Series: Cutesters Snow Day
Artist: Caley Hicks
Released: January 2014

Monday, January 02, 2017

2016 Vinylmation Isle Awards

Welcome to the 4th Annual Vinylmation Isle Awards! As an obsessive lover of Vinylmation, I decided there's no better way to honor the hobby I love so much, than to award some of the best figures and artists for their contributions to the Vinylmation universe this year. (Vinyls were only eligible to win in each category if they were released between January 1 and December 31, 2016).

And the winners are...

Favorite Disney Artist

Ron Cohee
Ron Cohee's work has continued to be impressive this year. The Mickey Mouse Club set was on point, but I also love his Attractions: Jungle Cruise Eachez figures, and of course Br'er Fox from the Attractions: Splash Mountain Eachez. 

Favorite 3" Figure That I Own
Series: Designer #2
Artist: Jeff Granito

Buzz Lightyear/Zurg
Series: Designer #2
Artist: Jeff Granito

Belle's Enchanted Rose
Series: Attraction Splash Mountain Eachez
Artist: Alex Maher

Favorite 3" Figure That I Don't Own
Jungle Cruise Skipper
Series: Attractions Jungle Cruise Eachez
Artist: Ron Cohee

Favorite Jr. Figure
Series: It's A Small World Jr. #2
Artist: Caley Hicks

German Girl
Series: It's A Small World Jr. #2
Artist: Caley Hicks

Series: It's A Small World Jr. #2
Artist: Caley Hicks

Favorite 9" Figure
Artist: Maria Clapsis

Favorite Park Starz Figure
Pirates of the Caribbean Dog
Series: Park Starz #4
Artist: Casey Jones

Mr. Potato Head
Series: Park Starz #4
Artist: Caley Hicks

Favorite Variant

Br'er Fox
Series: Attractions Splash Mountain Eachez
Artist: Ron Cohee

Favorite Minnie Platform
Snow White/Old Hag
Series: Designer #2
Artist: Jeff Granito

Favorite Eachez
Attractions Splash Mountain Eachez
Atrists: Aex Maher & Ron Cohee

Attractions Jungle Cruise Eachez
Atrist: Ron Cohee

Best Use of Ears
Enchanted Rose
Series: Beauty and the Beast #2
Artist: Maria Clapsis

Best Accessory
Old Hag's Poison Apple
Series: Designer #2
Artist: Jeff Granito

Belle's Enchanted Rose
Series: Designer #2
Artist: Jeff Granito

Falon's Wings
Series: Civil War
Artist: Thomas Scott

Best Human Likeness
Maskless Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr.
Series: Civil War
Artist: Thomas Scott

Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp
Series: Movieland
Artist: Casey Jones

Best Chaser
Enchanted Rose
Series: Beauty and the Beast #2
Artist: Maria Clapsis

Sorcerer Mickey/Maleficent Dragon
Series: Designer #2
Artist: Jeff Granito

Series: Movieland
Artist: Thomas Scott

Best Packaging
Attractions: Splash Mountain Eachez

Most Creative Idea

Designer #2
(For combining two character designs on every figure in the set: one on the front and another on the back)

My Most Desired Vinylmation

Jungle Cruise Skipper

Br'er Fox

Congo Queen

Most Under-Appreciate Series/Figure/Set

Surprisingly Appealing
It's A Small World Jr. #2

Star Wars Eachez #8 - Rex and Ace

Oswald's Super Service Eachez

I hope you enjoyed the 4th Annual Vinylmation Isle Awards and thank you to everyone who voted! Please join me again next year! You can also check out the new 2016 inductees in the Vinylmation Isle Hall of Fame