Saturday, August 31, 2013

September Releases

With September just around the corner, I wanted to show off some of the Vinylmation releases coming our way next month...

(Left to Right)

I think there are a lot of people getting excited about Oswald and I'm pretty excited about Vampire Stitch!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Ursula

Series: Villains #1
Artist: Enrique Pita
Released: January 2011

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Marvel Vinylmation Series Coming Soon

(Photo credit: Vinylmation Kingdom)

It was confirmed at the D23 Expo earlier this month, that the Marvel Vinylmation Series will be released on October 11, 2013. After much speculation about the figures in the series and just when this would be released, with some rumors saying Fall 2013, while others suggested Spring 2014, we now know more details from promotional cards handed out at D23. Marvel will be a 12 figure set, with 2 variants and the usual chaser, along with a combo pack. It also seems the series is officially titled, "Marvel Series #1".

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Minnie Moo

Series: Park #8
Artist: Maria Clapsis
Released: February 2012

I choose Minnie Moo for today's Throwback Thursday because I remember seeing Minnie Moo at Fort Wilderness when I was a child. I think it's awesome that she's been immortalized in Vinylmation form

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


(Photo credit: VinylmationWorld)

The more I see pictures of this set, the more I want it! It's tempting me something fierce right now! I think if it's still being sold at D-Street Orlando when I'm next there in October, I'll have to pick it up. It'll be a sign from the universe.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Little Mermaid Series Release

The much anticipated Little Mermaid series has been released today at D-Streets, select Disney Stores and the Disney Store online. This is a blind box series retailing at $12.95 per box.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Disney Afternoons #2 Rescue Rangers Release

Another Disney Afternoons set has been released today at D-Streets and the Disney Store online. This set was designed by Maria Clapsis and Monty Maldovan and has a Limited Edition size of 1,500. You can pickup this set for $29.95.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Toy Story Combo Bo Peep

Series: Toy Story
Artist: Thomas Scott
Released: September 2010

And here's a look at Bo Peep and her sheep from the Toy Story Movie:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Thoughtful Spot - Old Mold vs. New Mold

I know some people might be tired of discussions involving new and old molds, but with the upcoming release of Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story, I've been inspired to share my opinions on the mold change. I think my take on the debate is somewhat different to the opinions most commonly voiced. Real quick for those who might not know the difference between the molds, here's a quick explanation of the differences, with picture examples.

  • Old Mold (pictured right) has Mickey's facial features: outline of the face and the nose. It also features Mickey's outfit: his shorts complete with buttons and Mickey's gloves. The old mold is slightly taller in height
  • New Mold (pictured left) has no outlines of Mickey's facial features, the face protrudes less and the head is slightly smaller. The new mold body is slightly wider and a little more chubby. The new mold's feet are bigger, hands are smaller and the new mold's hands are in a different position, with no glove marks
Notice the different hand shapes, the right hand is in the shape of a C on the new mold (pictured left) and the left hand is more straight and flat on the old mold (pictured right)

I have 2 main opinions on the mold change:
  1. Having two different molds disrupts my Sheldon Cooper like desire for consistency in my collectibles. It's weird to me sometimes to look at my collection and instantly spot how some of my vinyls look different to each other, because they're on two different molds. It's not my preference, but I love my vinyls and so I deal with it
  2. I don't dislike either of the molds. I love them both. My only issue really is that I think it's weird when you see a mix of both in a collection, especially a mix grouped together. There are figures that look best on the old mold and there are figures that really only work on the new mold, as I'm about to explain.

I am in favor of both molds. I like the original "Mickey" mold and also the new mold and I like both for different reasons.  I like the old mold because I think some characters look better on that platform. Their characters, shapes and features really work well on the old mold. But, there are some figures, that with my apologies to their artists, just don't look great on the old mold. You work with what you've got, it's no one's fault. For instance:

Disney Afternoon's Doug
The drawn on Doug nose makes his face look really weird to me with Mickey's nose sticking out also

Park #5 Carousel of Progress John
I love this figure, I own this figure, but it took me a long time to get over the face. The Mickey nose makes John's face look distorted, like his mouth is really his chin or something

Here are some examples of figures that I think probably look better on the old mold:

Park #6 Troll
The old mold works well here to emphasize the Troll's nose

Nerds Rock Figment
I think the glasses really only work with the old mold's nose to help keep them in place. On top of, Mickey's nose really works well as Figment's nose here in my opinion

Park #4 It's A Small World Leopard
Pretty much any character with a good nose works well on the old mold! This vinyl has been done amazingly on the old mold and I really think it could not have been done anywhere near as well on the new mold

And then of course (more obviously) Mickey looks better on the old mold:
Park #4 SpectroMagic Mickey vs. Park #7 Magic Kingdom Mickey

But then the flipside is, that there are also figures that I think only work on the new mold and I really like the new mold for that reason. In my opinion, the old mold would have distorted the features of these characters. Doug and Carousel Of Progress John would have looked much better on the new mold I think. Here are some examples:

Park #8 Blizzard Beach Snowman
The face and sunglasses just wouldn't have worked on the old mold and just think about they could have done the nose on that mold

Park #9 Dapper Dan
I subscribe the the view that 9 out of 10 times, humans are portrayed better on the new mold and the Dapper Dans are case in point. Their noses and mouths would not have looked right on the old mold

Animation #3 Stitch
This is the only Stitch Vinylmation that I think looks true to the likeness of Stitch. That's partly due to Ron Cohee, but also due to the flexibility of the new mold

Animation #3 Pascal
This is not the perfect vinyl, but that's not because of the new mold. I think Pascal would have turned out a lot worse on the old mold

But equally, there are figures that I think would have looked great on either mold, such as:

Park #6 Walt Disney World Road Sign
Made on the old mold, considering the lack of facial features, I think this vinyl would have come out great on either mold

The Monorails
I think the monorails look great on the old mold and I think they could have looked just as good on the new mold instead

Park #5 Haunted Mansion Clock
One of my favorites, I think this vinyl would still be a favorite on the new mold

And finally (although I could continue)
Park #6 Clapboard
Pretty much the same story, I'm sure it would have looked great on the new mold as it does here on the old mold

Change doesn't bother me in the sense that both shapes are still Mickey. Those that know nothing about Vinylmation are still able to recognize new mold figures as being "Mickey shaped". The only thing that really annoys me about the mold change is that it's a change. I like consistency, so when I bought my first new mold Vinylmation, I could tell that it looked different and it took me a while to adjust to that, before those figures stopped sticking out in my collection of old mold vinyls. Obviously as my collection grew and more new mold vinyls were added, that helped the adjustment.

Overall, I like both molds and own both molds. I am over the change now, but would still have preferred consistency. I think I might lean slightly toward favoring the new mold, simply because I think it's much easier to make old mold vinyls look good on new molds, than it is to make new mold figures look good on old molds, 99% of the time.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Park Starz #2 Gus Variant Release

Artist: Casey Jones
Limited Edition Size: 2,000

It was widely predicted, but the mystery of the fourth and final Park Starz #2 Variant has now been revealed - a clear Gus, one of the Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion. This figure retails for $24.95 and is available at D-Streets and Disney Store online.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Throwback Thursday - 25th Anniversary Castle

Today's Throwback Thursday features for the first time a 9" Vinylmation!

Series: Park #8
Artist: Mike Sullivan
Released: June 2012

And here's a reminder of what the 25th Anniversary Castle looked like:

To this day I have no idea how they did that! I remember thinking I was dreaming when I saw this as a child

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Vinylmation Review - Mystery Bakery Toy Story Aliens

For today's Vinylmation Review, I will continue reviewing the "flavors" of the recently released Mystery Bakery series by taking a look at the Toy Story Aliens.

Released: July 12, 2013
Blind Open Window

The Toy Story Aliens are one of my favorites in this series! To recap, I've already mentioned in my last Mystery Bakery review, how much I like this new mix of open window and blind boxing. The Aliens are one of my favorites because of their likeness to the character and the absurd level of detail and subtleties on these figures.

Take the frosting for starters. It's a pizza to represent Pizza Planet, the restaurant where the aliens come from. You've got the crust, the cheese and the pepperoni pieces all incorporated onto the frosting, to make the connection between the Aliens and Pizza Planet. In my opinion that's a cool touch that I never would have thought of! Coincidentally, these colors go great with the blue and green of the aliens themselves. I love the brightness of these figures and it kinda reminds me of how brightly colored Pizza Planet is on the inside.

And now let's look at the individual figures. In true Ron Cohee style, these figures look exactly like they do in the movie, so true to life! Their expressions also match the aliens' expressions in the movie and fit perfectly with the frosting on their faces. The orange color of the frosting matches the color on the frosting cover and shows up well against the green of the aliens. Their outfits are also spot on with the movie and I like the stars in their ears. It's a cute touch.

My one and only criticism of the Toy Story Aliens is that to me, they look a little weird without their ears, but they are such awesome figures that it really doesn't bother me that much. I really love these figures and I think collectors should be happy with whichever expression they "blox".

Friday, August 02, 2013

Poster Art Series August Release

Artist: Maria Clapsis & Jonathan Bishop
Limited Edition Size: 2,013

The August edition of the 2013 Poster Art Series has been released today at D-Streets and other locations around Disneyland and Walt Disney World. This figure is Open Window and retails for $14.95.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Cave Painting

Series: Urban #8
Artist: Thomas Scott
Released: December 2011