Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Collector's Space - I Want More Vinylmation!

Do you ever feel like sometimes your want list looks out of control? There are so many amazing figures that you dream about owning, that you desperately want and chase after. You search for them on eBay, you look for trades on Instagram and Facebook groups. But you can't always find the right price or the right trade.

Do you look at your collection on occasion, see a series you own, and get reminded of all the other vinyls in that series that you want, so you can finally complete that series? Or do you look at a character (like Piglet for example) and think about their movie companions you don't own yet, but wish you did, because they would look just perfect next to the figure you already have? (In this case Rabbit, or Tigger perhaps).

Maybe not. Maybe these thoughts are all just my own. Recently I've been getting a little frustrated because there are so many figures that I still want, but I don't have the money to buy them all at once. (I'm sure you can relate!) I've been feeling an itch if you will to complete my collection. But as I thought about it more, I started to change my perspective. If you feel this way too, here's the upside I try to look at:

Mail days! How fun and exciting are they?! Yesterday I got a surprise in the mail. A Vinylmation that I ordered only 3 days before. It had arrived already and was such a wonderful surprise after a very long Friday at work. You can look forward to many more mail days while there's still vinyls you want out there.

Remember how awesome it feels when that vinyl you've been eyeing and searching for is finally yours. Those days will come to an end when you complete your collection. You have the ability to fill in those gaps in your collection between releases now that releases have slowed down. Instead of these feelings getting worse when it seems like you will never get the figures you want because your want list just keeps growing with all the new releases, and you can't keep up with the purchases.

You have time to re-organize your collection. Maybe there are some figures you've fallen out of love with. You might be able to negotiate a trade, or sell them to add more money to your Vinylmation fund. You could even re-arrange your displays to make them look neater, or just make room for your upcoming purchases.

Finally, another benefit of not buying everything all at once is that many figures (with only some exceptions) will inevitably drop in price and become cheaper. You will save money in the long run buying figures at a cheaper price later down the line. It hurts to admit but I've made this mistake when I just had to have a vinyl when it was released.

I hope these thoughts help with feeling like you just have to have more.

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