Sunday, August 21, 2016

Vinylmation Stories - Ree Yees

Thanks for joining me for another Vinylmation Story! I'm going to tell you today why I had to add Ree-Yees to my collection. Newer Disney fans might not recognize him, but Disney veterans may remember Ree-Yees from the original Star Tours safety video. I always thought it was funny how he was C-3PO's example of what not to do during your Star Tours flight, by smoking and using flash photography.

As a big fan of Star Tours, I instantly recognized Ree-Yees when I saw him in Park #16. I thought it was fantastic to include some retired characters in the anniversary series. He became a must-have for me when I saw Casey Jones's perfect artwork, and Ree-Yees's camera accessory - he wouldn't have been complete without it! I love looking at Ree-Yees and remembering the original Star Tours flights to Endor.

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