Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vinylmation Stories - J. Jonah Jameson

Today's Vinylmation Story is a little different from many of the other backstories behind the Vinylmation I chose to add to my collection. I'm a huge Disney fan, but I still enjoy and appreciate the Universal Orlando Resort. While there's obviously competition and rivalry between the two, each has something the other doesn't have, and I like spending time at both.

I was drawn to J. Jonah Jameson because he is a recurring character in the Spider-Man universe who also features in The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man attraction in the Islands of Adventure theme park at Universal Orlando. Spider-Man happens to be one of my favorite rides over at Universal because I'm kind of a comic book geek.

The entrance to the Daily Bugle
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Jonah Jameson is first seen when you enter the attraction queue, themed to the Daily Bugle. His picture is hanging on the wall as you step inside. Continuing on in the attraction, you make your way through the Daily Bugle, seeing various different articles the journalists have written, as well as notes from Jonah. You set out to follow Spider-Man and make headlines for Mr. Jameson, who is contact with you throughout the ride.

A journalist's work station inside the Daily Bugle
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This Vinylmation reminds me of the ground-breaking Spider-Man attraction that I love so much, and he's expertly designed by artist Thomas Scott. This figure looks like he walked out of the comics! His outfit is perfect, he has the same angry expression he always has, and what a perfect touch to add a Daily Bugle newspaper article in his ear - which features a memorable comic headline, "Spider-Man: Hero or Menace?" This figure was also a gift to me from my sweet younger brother, making him a very sentimental piece in my collection. All this is what made J. Jonah Jameson a must-have for my collection.


  1. Very nice article Chloe! Nice to see and read about this piece that's near and dear to your heart.