Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Backside of Vinyls - Catastrophe Canyon

In today's The Backside of Vinyls, I'm looking at the Catastrophe Canyon figure from the Park #13 series, designed by artist Maria Clapsis. A lot of collectors didn't care for this figure, but I think it's expertly designed and a wonderful tribute now that the Backlot Tour is extinct.

(Photo Credit: The Mouse for Less)

On the back of the head we can see the canyon walls complete with their lines and cracks. Moving down to the body, the canyon walls continue in the background while we see the pumpjack in the foreground surrounded by fire. The fire continues in to the backs of the figure's arms in the same way that fire surrounds our ride vehicle during the scene at Catastrophe Canyon. On the back of the feet, we can see the water that cascades down toward the end of the scene.

Finally, in the back of the right ear we see more fire, which begins above the canyon wall in the same way that the fire is pictured at the top of the figure above the canyon. Then in the back of the right ear, we have detail from the ride vehicle itself (pictured above) which makes a great use of the space and is a really neat touch.

I think the backside of this Vinylmation is very well detailed, a job well done by Maria Clapsis and a great piece in my collection.


  1. Oh cool! I love this one and miss that ride.

  2. One of my favorite "rides". I miss it so much!