Saturday, March 04, 2017

Designer Eachez #2 Release

A new Designer Eachez has been released today at WonderGround Gallery and D-Street at the Disneyland Resort. Expect to see this Vinylmation released at the Walt Disney World Resort at a later date, and perhaps even online and the Shop Disney Parks App.

This Eachez contains one of two figures: Interstellar Minnie (pictured right) the common figure with 9 in 10 odds of being in the box, or Robo Mickey (pictured left) the variant figure with 1 in 10 odds of being in the blind box.

This Eachez has a Limited Edition of 2,500 meaning there are 2,250 common figures and 250 variant figures. Both figures were designed by artist Whitney Pollett and the retail price has yet to be announced.


  1. Sydney likes the 1/10 so i told her we will NOT be buying it to try and get that one!

    1. Haha, she could always take a shot if she'd be happy with Minnie! I'm surprised they did it this way around this time, but I like it. Usually Minnie is the variant so if you want a Minnie figure it's tough, you get inundated with Mickeys. Glad to see it reversed for a change.