Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vinylmation Stories - Tower of Terror Elevator

Are there some Vinylmation that you look at and think "just wow!" For me there are a lot that I think are fantastic, even more that I think are great, but very few that I look at and they blow me away. The Tower of Terror Elevator from Park #4 was one vinyl that I can remember seeing and thinking it was incredible and I absolutely had to have it no matter the cost.

I love the Tower of Terror because it's still so scary in a good way. I love absolutely everything about it. The era of the building, the story behind it, its connection to the Twilight Zone TV show, the intricate detail and theme of the lobby, the authentic music that plays, and of course the thrill of the ride itself.

It will always be one of my favorite attractions because of how immersive it is. From the moment you step up to the gates it feels like a deserted hotel. The overgrown greenery in the hotel grounds, with broken water features and dim lighting. The creepy, haunting music that echoes in the background. I always get scared in the library when the pre-show starts. The TV always makes me jump and the narration gives me goosebumps.

The hotel remains just as ominous as you enter the boiler room. The service elevator has a foreboding orange glow and the eerie demeanor of the bellhops helps continue the unsettling atmosphere of the hotel. The now unpredictable sequence of the ride keeps me guessing and keeps the thrill level high. I love the mystery of how the ride works (I know there's an explanation, I choose not to research it) and there are still things in that elevator shaft that freak me out. The ventriloquist dummy at the end is another of those things that legitimately scares me.

The Tower of Terror has been and always will be one of my favorite attractions, and Dan Howard has captured some of the most memorable aspect perfectly in his figure. The elevator, the hotel logo, the hotel name and font, the lightning striking which is an integral part of the story, the dark colors - I will never get tired of looking at this vinyl and I love the memories it holds for me. And that is why the Tower of Terror Elevator Vinylmation has a place in my collection.

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