Saturday, March 21, 2015

Star Wars Galactic Gathering Vinylmation Previews

This year, Star Wars Weekends will feature a separately ticketed event called "Galactic Gathering", similar to the Rebel Rendezvous event that look place during Star Wars Weekends 2014. The most exiting thing for me about this event (bearing in mind that I will not be attending) is the fantastic Vinylmation merchandise slated to release!

Here's what the Disney Parks Blog has previewed:

First is Star Wars #5. These three figures are all we know right now, but based on the TIE Fighter Pilot and the binary sunset in the Storm Trooper's ears on the side of the box, I'm thinking this might be another A New Hope inspired series. This set will be another 12 figure set of 11 commons, 1 chaser and "the possibility of a variant". Each blind box retails for $12.95. I'm super excited by these previewed figures alone, and how awesome the Storm Trooper on the side of the box looks!

Next is the Star Wars #5 Eachez. Last year the R2-D2 and R2-MK Eachez was released for Star Wars weekends. This year we have an X-Wing Pilot Eachez with a Limited Edition size of 1,500. The common is Biggs Darklighter (pictured left) with a 9 in 10 chance of being pulled for a total of 1,350 figures. The variant is Jek Porkins (pictured right) with a 1 in 10 chance of being pulled for a total of only 150 figures. Both figures were designed by Casey Jones and each blind box retails for $16.95. I think this is a fantastic idea for a Star Wars Eachez!

Finally, there will also be a two figure combo set, like there was last year with the Rancor and Keeper set. Designed by John Henselmeier, this set has a 9" Death Star figure and a 3" Death Star Trooper. The set has a Limited Edition size of 1,000 and retails for $59.95. I am so excited to see another 9" because I really don't want them to die out. If we only get 1 a year for Star Wars weekends, to me that's something. Oh my goodness this one blows me away! So much love for this figure!

All of the Vinylmation previewed will be available first at the Galactic Gathering event. A Random Selection Process (RSP) will be used to reserve items for guest purchase. Items will then go on sale at Darth's Mall for the remainder of Star Wars Weekends 2015.

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