Monday, June 15, 2015

The Collector's Space - My Favorite 9" Vinylmation

Not too long ago, I posted about the figures that I thought represented the best of 9" Vinylmation. Today I want to talk about my personal favorite 9" Vinylmation. These are Vinylmation that I love for various reasons, which I'll briefly summarize. In approximate chronological order of release, here are my all-time favorite 9" figures:


I'm a huge Finding Nemo fan, it's one of my absolute favorite movies! I love this figure because I think it captures both the movie and The Seas pavilion perfectly. I love the tropical feeling of the Enchanted Tiki Room and I love getting a Dole Whip. The tropical feeling and the bright colors of the attraction are captured in an amazing level of detail here on this 9". Again with Sci-Fi, everything you would want to be on a vinyl is there with this figure. It's spot on in design and color. I think it's incredible! I feel like I'm there just looking at it.


I love the Barnstormer because I think it is another incredibly detailed figure. Just look at the roof shingles, Goofy's silhouette and the colored fencing on the feet. I love he bright colors too. The Tree of Life is just beautiful! I love staring at all the animals accurately carved in the tree. Dreamfinder goes on the list of figures I love because of how well done he is. His expression is cute, his shoes are shiny and his hot air balloon vehicle can be seen in his ear. Just perfect.


Up is another of my favorite Disney movies. I love that this figure captures what's at the heart of the movie - the balloon house. It looks exactly how it does in the movie. I love the pale blue sky, the clouds, and of course the colorful balloons. I love the Empress Lilly because to me it screams classic Disneyana. It's beautifully detailed and I love the bronze color used. MuppetVision Kermit it so fun! I love his t-shirt, how his glasses really look 3D and the adorable touch of his name stitched in his Mickey ears!


I love The Land pavilion at Epcot, I could spend days in there! I love this figure because it represents the pavilion perfectly. The detail is just beautiful and I love the colors and the seasons. I love the Star Wars Death Star because I think it works very well on the new mold. I love the detail, the use of the ears, the stars, the TIE fighters and the X-Wings. 

So those are my favorite 9" Vinylmation and that's why I love them so much! Now I just need to try and own them all...

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