Monday, April 06, 2015

The Collector's Space - The Best of 9" Vinylmation

I've said before that I've been thinking a lot about 9" Vinylmation recently. I guess I've been more appreciative of them every since their production declined. I've decided in this post to put together my list of honorable mentions from across the Vinylmation 9" spectrum:


I think Crossroads is an awesome idea for a figure! It's also neat that it's a real Walt Disney World fan's vinyl. For those who haven't visited Hollywood Studios, I don't think it means a whole lot, and possibly isn't even recognizable. But Crossroads is the first thing I see when I enter that park, which is why I love this figure. I think the Carnotaurus is a perfect choice for a 9"! He's a huge dinosaur and very aggressive, which is captured wonderfully on this figure with it's bigger size. As for Test Track, I can't imagine a better way to translate that attraction onto a Vinylmation.

Park #3 Fantasyland Trash Can / Park #4 World Showcase / Park #4 Peter Pan's Flight

A trash can is a great idea for a Vinylmation and I love the bright colors of the Fantasyland trash can. I think this could have been done on a 3" figure, but the 9" of course brings out the detail. The arms are jut perfect for the trash cans side panels! The World Showcase vinyl is a fantastic EPCOT memory.  I love how all 11 countries of the World Showcase and Future World have been captured together on a 9" Vinylmation! Peter Pan's Flight is another fantastic Vinylmation! I love the sail of the ship on the head and the silhouettes across the moon. The stars on the foot are a perfect touch and you should seriously check out the detail on the back!


Fantasmic is yet another wonderful idea for a Vinylmation. The positioning of Mickey so that the fireworks come out of his hands and into the ears is absolutely perfect! (This is another figure where you need to check out the back!) Alien Encounter is awesome, what a great tribute to this extinct attraction! The alien is so incredibly detailed that this definitely deserves to be a 9" figure. The Animal Kingdom crate is a pretty neat idea. The crate looks realistic and I love the note on the front. I think this could have worked as a 3", but is much better to see the detail on a 9".


The Main Street Electrical Parade is another wonderful vinyl. It's hard to see in this picture but the figure has some "sparkles" across it that really make it look like electrical lights. The detail is great, and while it could have worked on a 3", the 9" platform was the way to go for sure. The 25th Anniversary Castle is a great idea for a vinyl, very memorable to veterans of Walt Disney World. The Yeti is amazing! I love that Vinylmation! It looks almost fluffy, but at the same time menacing. I can feel the chill of Mount Everest when I look at it. Much more appropriate as a 9" figure.


I love the feel of the Toy Story Mania Vinylmation. I feel like I'm looking at the ride car, ready to step inside for a round of plate smashing! So detailed and I love the colors! Grizzly Peak is great too. It's interesting to me to see how they brought back the old Mickey mold for this 9" after it seemingly switched for Park #8 only. Mickey's extended facial features make this figure a perfect reflection of the California Adventure landmark. The Pin Trading 10th Anniversary is neat because it takes the anniversary of one hobby (pins) and combines it with a newer hobby - Vinylmation. It's like Mickey is pin trading with his own lanyard! Neat! And the back has a nice touch too.


Sandy Claws is such an awesome idea for a Nightmare Before Christmas 9". Again, this could have worked on a 3", but with the real Sandy Claws already a 3" figure, that might have been confusing and looked like two of the same. You can really see Jack's face and smile on this bigger figure. Jumba is a great idea for a 9" too, I think a villain deserves to be bigger! The 9" platform really brings out the colors (I love the metallic looking paint used on him!), the galaxy in his ears, and of course his many eyes! You might be asking why Crying Alice is on my list, I'll tell you, it's more about the combo set she comes with. It's so perfect to have 9" Alice, a Jr. Alice figure, plus the East Me cookie and Drink Me cup all together. I think everyone remembers that scene from the movie. 


There's not really anything super special about the Toy Story Alien, and it has been done as a 3" figure too, I just think it works great as a 9" and I love the Aliens! (OooooOOOOoooooh!) It's awesome to have that cute face bigger! Again, Zurg is a villain and as such deserves a 9" platform so he can be more villainous. He has also been created as a 3" more recently, but I love him as a 9" too, it really works. Lastly, there's Crush. He is yet another 9" that also exists as a 3", but I love how much more detail is on the bigger figure. The facial expression is perfect, I love the patterns on his shell, and the bubbles and waves in his ears.

And that's my roundup of some of the best 9" Vinylmation figures! I will post another round up of my Top 10 favorite 9" vinyls soon!

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