Friday, April 24, 2015

The Collector's Space - My Holy Grail Wants

In today's Collector's Space post, I'm going to be talking about my Vinylmation Holy Grails. But let me start by backing up and explaining what that means if you're not familiar with the term. A Holy Grail or a grail, is what some Vinylmation collectors use to describe figures they want that are highly sought after. (Think Indiana Jones!) It could be because the figure is hard to find, has a low Limited Edition size, is expensive to buy on the secondary market, is an exclusive to an event or city, or a combination of those factors.

Here are my Holy Grails that I hope to finally own one day:


This set is a Limited Edition of 500 and was released at the 13 Reflections of Evil trade event in September 2013. This is a grail for me because it retails for upward of $80 against it's original retail price of $44.95. It's also hard to find sometimes, with either no, or only 1 listing at any given time on eBay. 

This guy is a grail for me because he can be pretty pricey. He typically ranges from $50-$80 when the figure is new on eBay, after an original retail price of $18.95. You can get better deals every now and again if you keep watch. 

Crossroads is one of the early 9" Park series releases and has a very low Limited Edition size of 350, making it very expensive on the secondary market, selling for around $300 on eBay. Maybe one day I'll find a lower price or have a spare $300. 

This Vinylmation has a Limited Edition size of 500 and I have NEVER seen it on eBay despite searching for a while. That's why this is another of my grails. I have never been able to find it, but I really want it!

This Vinylmation has a higher Limited Edition size of 1,000 so it's not really considered very rare. However, this is an extremely popular figure and therefore sells for $200-$300 on eBay.

In an ideal world I would own this figure too. It has a Limited Edition size of 800 but not very many are listed on eBay. The price for this figure is around $200 on the secondary market.

I would love to hear what your Vinylmation Holy Grails are! Leave me a comment! 

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