Monday, April 27, 2015

Collector of Habit - Alice in Wonderland

Welcome to another installment of Collector of Habit. Today I'm suggesting collecting Alice in Wonderland themed Vinylmation.

It makes sense to begin with the Alice in Wonderland series:

I think this is a wonderful 12 figure series with every character I think you could possibly want. You could add to those figures with the Flowers set:

I think the flowers are fantastic for big Alice in Wonderland lovers! They look just like the flowers in the movie and are taken from a very memorable scene. You could also add the various phases of the Cheshire Cat with this twin pack:

This twin pack is incredible! I love the use of clear to show the Cheshire Cat as he disappears, and the expressions on their faces. Incredible! Dinah from the Whiskers & Tales series is adorable and belongs in any Alice fan's collection:

You could also mix up your collection by including some Alice in Wonderland themed 9" figures:


There are plenty of amazing figures to create an Alice in Wonderland collection that I think would look stunning! If you have an Alice in Wonderland collection, I'd love to see it!

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