Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Backside of Vinyls - Haunted Mansion Constance Portrait

(Unfortunately she has some paint transfer on her head from my new Vinylmation shelf)

Welcome to another episode of The Backside of Vinyls! As Halloween is fast approaching, this installment will be Halloween themed. Today I'm looking at the back side of the Constance Portrait Vinylmation from the Park #12 Stretching Room Portraits set.

I think the back of this figure is absolutely fantastic! Just like the stretching portraits themselves, you can see the the "mortal" portraits by looking only at the front of the figure, but turn it around and as if the portrait is stretching, and you can see the end of the portrait on the back.

In the backs of the ears we can see the foliage surrounding Constance, along with the rose she holds in the painting. On the back of the figure's body is the tombstone from the portrait. While it doesn't have all of the inscription, the beginning is abbreviated as RIP. You can see the bust on the back of the vinyl in pretty accurate detail, with the axe in his head also of course.

I love that all of the necessary elements of the stretching room portrait have been included in this figure, and I think it works fantastically having the second half of the painting being portrayed on the back.

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