Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Backside of Vinyls - Anubis

I delayed my first Backside of Vinyls post of 2016 due to the 3rd Annual Vinylmation Isle Awards, but here it is! This week I'm looking at Anubis from Park #5. The whole figure is based on the Anubis statue from the end of the Indiana Jones scene in The Great Movie Ride over at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Therefore, much of the back of the figure is pretty similar to the front, as a continuation of the Anubis statue. However, the back of the head draws from the ark that Indy and Sallah are carrying:

But, the design on the back of this vinyl has a twist: while at first glance it looks like the same hieroglyphics from the ark, it actually has a Disney flair, showing Mickey dressed as a Pharaoh with Donald bowing before him, dressed like our tour guide in to the movies from the Anubis scene:

It's one of those neat little touches that doesn't directly represent something from the ride, and some may never notice about the vinyl, but it gives the figure that little something extra, a nice surprise for collectors that shows the thought and time the artist (Maria Clapsis) put in to the figure. That to me is part of the reason why Vinylmation is a collectible like no other.

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