Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Backside of Vinyls - Pardon Our Pixie Dust

For today's Backside of Vinyls post, I'm taking a look at the back of the Pardon Our Pixie Dust Vinylmation from Park #13. The back of this vinyl continues on from the front, with the construction tape across the arms, and cranes and ladders on the back of the ears. 

The body of the figure continues the Pardon Our Pixie Dust sign, with the wooden plank design. There's also a silhouette of Sorcerer Mickey, waving a wand that spreads pixie dust up on the back of the Vinylmation's head.

Of course I love that Caley Hicks didn't just design the back to be blank slats of wood, but I also love the symbolism of Mickey on the back of the figure. It's as if Mickey is working behind the scenes, spreading pixie dust to make magic happen at future attractions. You'll only see it if you turn the Vinylmation around! Another wonderful backside of vinyls!


  1. This is great! And very appropriate with all the construction going on at Studios and continuing at AK with Pandora.

  2. Love this one!! So clever.