Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Vinylmation Isle!

Today is my blog's 4th birthday. How time flies! To date I've published 865 posts! I still love voicing my thoughts on the world of Vinylmation, sharing my pictures, dreaming of future releases, and keeping track of new Vinylmation offerings.

Sometimes life ramps up and I'm not able to post here as much as I'd like to, or as much as I have done in the past. Thanks to everyone who's been patient and stuck with me during the "lulls" on this blog. I appreciate your understanding. Knowing people read keeps me coming back when I do go through those dry spells here.

I'd like to give a huge thank you to all my readers! Whether you visit once a week or once in a blue moon, I appreciate that you took the time to stop by :) thanks also to everyone who comments, I love hearing your thoughts! Unfortunately due to tons of spam I was getting, I do have to approve every comment before it's published. Don't be upset if it takes a little while for your comment to appear, like I said, life gets busy. I read every comment (because I have to approve it) so if you don't see a reply, that's just an oversight. I read what you said ;)

I hope you'll stick around with me for another year!


  1. Jamie & SydneyApril 17, 2017 at 7:17 AM

    We enjoy your blog Chloe...keep it up!

  2. Happy Birthday! I enjoy your posts, articles, and pictures so much....I look forward to Throwback Thursdays and Snapshot Sundays, and others, every week. Here's to many more years!