Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Things that make Vinylmation Collectors cringe

This article is a couple weeks old now, but I still think it's pretty funny. The Oh My Disney blog posted an article titled, "Things that would make Vinylmation fans cringe" and yes, these things do make me cringe!

Can you relate?

"There is no love like Vinylmation love. If you’re a fan of those cute little guys, it’s a very specific type of love, that might have a few “quirky” side effects. Assuming your Vinylmation love is real, this list probably speaks volumes to you.

There’s nothing worse than an unorganized Vinylmation collection...

Why is there a UCLA Vinylmation next to an Animation Series next to a Cast Member exclusive? There is no rhyme or reason to that. What’s going on?!

Oh look, an unopened Vinylmation box:

Things that would make a Vinylmation fan cringe
Why isn’t it opened? Is someone saving this for later? Why on earth would they do that?! This is terrible.

Don’t have enough room for your Vinylmation collection?

Things that would make a Vinylmation fan cringe
Putting them in the drawer is probably the worst thing you could do. How will they breathe?


Things that would make a Vinylmation fan cringe
Doubles? Doubles of this guy? Great, just great.

Wow, nice Vinylmation collection that is better than ours...

We’re not at all jealous. Not even a little bit.

When you order a Vinylmation online and don’t realize it’s one of those tiny ones...

Things that would make a Vinylmation fan cringe
Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but you expected the full size one!

When one of your favorite Vinylmation loses its accessory...

Things that would make a Vinylmation fan cringe
The accessory-wielding Vinylmations are the best… until they lose their accessories.

When someone doesn’t understand your love of Vinylmations. Don’t worry, you won’t find any of that here"

You won't find any of that here at Vinylmation Isle either! Thankfully, accidentally buying a Jr. has never happened to me and none of my vinyls (knock on wood) have ever lost their accessories either.

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