Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Backside of Vinyls - Barnstormer

The Backside of Vinyls has taken a short break, but I'm now back to my regularly scheduled programming of weekly posts on a Tuesday. Welcome back to those of you following along each week! I sure appreciate ya!

This week I'm looking at the back of Eric Caszatt's Barnstormer Vinylmation from Park #5. I love the color and detail on this figure! This vinyl is inspired by Goofy's Barnstormer coaster in Mickey's Toontown Fair, which still exists in what is now New Fantasyland.

 Starting as always with the back of the figure's head and ears. Starting on the back of the ears and moving down to the top of the head are the blue roof shingles from the top of the barn. Also on the back of the head is a yellow banner that reads "Barnstormer", taken from the banner that hangs off the back of Goofy's crashed plane at the entrance to the ride (pictured above). I love the way it waves across the back of the head and how the font is exactly the same, down to the letter "O" being drawn in smoke.

On the back of the body, is the most memorable part of the ride - the Goofy shaped hole made by Goofy crashing in to the barn with his plane. In the picture above we can see the famous Goofy hole that the coaster travels through. Amazingly, it looks exactly the same on the back of the vinyl as it does in person. It even has the back of the ride car, Goofy's plane, sticking out as it travels in to the barn. Finally, even the feet of the vinyl have color and detail, starting on the front of the Vinylmation and continuing on to the back. The colored fence around the barn, which can be seen on the bottom right corner of the second picture, runs all around the vinyl's feet.

Not a millimeter of space is wasted on this figure. Absolutely beautiful!

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