Sunday, September 28, 2014

Vinylmation Stories - Catastrophe Canyon

Following the news that The Backlot Tour has now closed at Disney's Hollywood Studios, I decided to tell the story on why I added the Catastrophe Canyon Vinylmation from Park #13 to my collection.

When I was a kid, there was a lot more to see on The Backlot Tour than there has been in more recent years. There was also an in-person host, who would narrate the attraction and point out all the cool new props along the way. I remember seeing props from Star Wars, 101 Dalmatians, even the queue had more costumes and movie props. For me, it was an attraction not to be missed when I was little.

One of my favorite things to see was of course Catastrophe Canyon, but I also loved seeing Walt's plane and the Earful Tower. I have so many memories of walking through the queue (an attraction in itself), seeing the sights of the backlot, and then getting wet in Catastrophe Canyon. We would always take our tour around lunch time and at the end of the ride get lunch at The Backlot Express. (After lunch we'd spend time at the Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground, but that's another story).

The Backlot Tour became somewhat of a tradition when we would visit (what was then) the Disney-MGM Studios, so it only seemed right that this Vinylmation joined my collection. Now that the attraction is extinct, I'm even more pleased that it has immortalized in Vinylmation form.

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