Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In Review

Last year I decided to start reviewing my year in Vinylmation collecting here on my blog. It's a once a year review where I can look back and remember my journey during that past year to keep collecting what I love. (I've been collecting for almost 4 years now). I feel like 2014 was a pretty uneventful year for me in terms of vinyl collecting. But without further ado... here's my 2014 In Review!

Number of Vinylmation in my collection as of this post:
3" - 122
9" - 1
Jr. - 6
Park Starz - 9

My favorite Disney artist right now is:
This is really difficult because I love everyone's work! I want to give a big honorable mention to Enrique Pita who has done a lot of amazing work this year and I don't think he's been recognized enough. I have been super impressed with Caley Hicks this year! Topiaries, her Park Starz #3 figures, Holiday Gingerbread Duffy the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover figure, and Tiki Mickey have been fantastic. I have wanted to add a lot of Caley's work to my collection this year. I also loved Ron Cohee's work on the Haunted Mansion Mickey & Friends series. So it's a tie between Caley and Ron.

The upcoming set I'm most looking forward to is:
Again I'm having the same problem as last year in that we really haven't been told a whole lot about upcoming releases yet. The Lilo & Scrump set that was announced at the Imagination Gala, did not release in November as announced. I am looking forward to whenever that set is released. I'm also looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean Mickey & Friends and the next Haunted Mansion set. 

Holy grail that I wish I owned is currently:
Park #6 UP 9" just like last year. I still love the 9" UP figure but I still haven't found it an affordable price, nor have I had the money to bite the bullet and buy it at an extortionate price.

My favorite purchase this year was:
My focus on purchases this year was filling in gaps. I kinda got annoyed at how many vinyls had dramatically dropped in price last year after I bought them. I wanted quite a few so much that I got them very soon after release. Seeing the price a couple months later made me kick myself. So this year I filled in gaps to bide time while I waited for what I wanted to drop in price. But my favorite purchase was the Animal Kingdom Tigger Is That You? set. I love my Cranium Command set too but that was a gift not a purchase so I can't count that.

The artist whose work I added most to my collection this year was:
I added a surprisingly low number of vinyls to my collection this year. The artist whose work I added most was Maria Clapsis with 4 figures, followed second by Thomas Scott with 3 figures. Overall I added only 14 figures to my collection this year.

Something new I did this year was:
Add Park Starz to my collection. I bought one and traded for the others. I had always liked them but couldn't get over how to display them with their shapes being different. I know that's kind of the point but I'm a little OCD and I like that although my vinyls are all different, they're uniform enough that I can line them up and display them neatly. I can't do that with Park Starz. I decided to collect them anyway because I like them but they're not currently displayed. I still haven't figured out how. 

I'm hoping 2015 will bring some more great Vinylmaion to my collection!

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