Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Backside of Vinyls - The Main Street Electrical Parade Train

Today I'm looking at the back of the 9" Main Street Electrical Parade Train Vinylmation from Park #2. I love the way the detail of this vinyl continues on to the back. It's one of those "back sides" that's so epic, you could look at only the back of the figure forever and still love it.

This Vinylmation is designed after the train featured in the Main Street Electrical Parade at both Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom:

On the back of the vinyl's ears, head, arms, body and feet are the red and yellow lights that cover the train. When you look closely at the train in the picture above you can see that some lights flash brighter than others. I love how that has been portrayed on the vinyl bu bright stars! Every inch of detail has been included by Lin Shih.

On the back of the Vinylmation's head we can see lights in the shape of a Mickey head, taken from the side of the train in the first picture, and from the flag on the back of the train, which can be seen more clearly in the second picture. On the sides of head are the flags of lights that sit on the top of the train.This design creeps around on to the back of the figure's head.

Finally on the back of the body we can also see the carriage of the train, the circular Main Street Electrical Parade logo. This is absolutely beautiful Vinylmation with an accurate and fantastic design. The whole 9" figure has been used effectively, without any space wasted. Another amazing back side of a vinyl!

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