Sunday, December 21, 2014

Vinylmation Stories - Tapestry of Nations

The Tapestry of Nations was a parade at EPCOT that ran from 1999 to 2001 as celebration of the new millennium. It might just be my favorite Disney parade of all time. I loved it! The show was mostly huge puppets that were incredible. The whole idea, theme, colors, puppets, music, everything was amazing. I was pretty upset when like all good things, the parade ended.

When I saw that a Vinylmation set had been made for this parade I just had to have it! There were so many puppets that there could have been a Vinylmation series for The Tapestry of Nations, but I think making it a 5 figure set in Park #7 was a better way to go. The parade ran for a relatively short period of time, and if you didn't happen to visit Walt Disney World, or catch the parade during that time, I'm sure the figures are lost and very unappealing to those collectors.

So many of the key and memorable moments in the parade have been beautifully captured in Vinylmation form. One very iconic character from the parade who made it into the Vinylmation set, is the Sage of Time:

I was especially impressed by how the Marionette puppets were translated in to Vinylmation. The Marionette was one brightly colored puppet who walking along controlling a smaller puppet. They're represented by a 3" and a Jr. figure in the set.

I am so pleased this set was made and that I was able to pick it up for a steal! I still love the parade and these figures.

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