Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Collector of Habit - Fantasmic

For today's installment of Collector of Habit, I'll be suggesting collecting Fantasmic themed Vinylmation, after the nighttime show at Disney's Hollywood Studios. By my count, there are over 46 different characters in Fantasmic, so in the interest of keeping this blog post manageable, I will not be listing them all. (If you can believe it, not all of those characters exist in Vinylmation form anyway). Instead, I will be listing the more major characters from the show as suggestions for starting a Fantasmic themed collection.

In order of appearance, why not start with Mickey from Park #7, the star of our show in the outfit he first appears in:

Mickey gets the party started in his Sorcerer outfit from Park #5:

I think Jiminy Cricket is a pretty memorable Fantasmic character, as the imagery on the water moves on to Monstro, so why not add him from Animation #2:

Next our first Villain appears on the stage, Radcliffe from Pocahontas and Villains #1:

Later on in the show when the princesses pass by on floats, Ariel and Prince Eric can be seen from The Little Mermaid series:


Then the second villain makes her way on stage, the Evil Queen from Snow White and Villains #2, who talks to the Magic Mirror from Park #5 before becoming a witch from Villains #1:


Another big bad villain appears shortly afterwards on the water projection to the Night on Bald Mountain score - it's Chernabog from Villains #3:

Followed by Jafar from the Aladdin series, who then turns into a snake:

Then Maleficent  from Villains #4 takes the stage before turning into a dragon from the Sleeping Beauty series:


Thankfully, Mickey as the Brave Little Tailor from Park #9 saves the day by defeating Maleficent. He then returns to celebrate with friends aboard Steamboat Willie:


If you're a big fan of Fantasmic, you might want to choose some of these figures for your Vinylmation collection. Until next time!


  1. You know I love Fantasmic Chloe. The items you chose tell the story so well, thanks, I enjoyed reading!