Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Backside of Vinyls - Trader Sam

For today's installment of The Backside of Vinyls, I'm taking a look at Trader Sam from Park #13. Of course for the most part, Trader Sam is the same on the back as he is on the front. We can see the back of his skirt, his arm and leg decorations, and the umbrella in his ear. But a small little detail on the back of this figure is what I want to bring your attention to today. I've had to remove Sam's hat in order to show you this detail better, but don't worry, I haven't lost this important accessory!

If you take a look in the back of Sam's left ear, you can see a sign that reads, "Sale 2 for 1!" Now while that's not an actual sign next to Trader Sam on the Jungle Cruise, this is a reference to the Jungle Cruise Skipper's joke that Trader Sam has a great deal going on right now, "Two of his heads, for one of yours". This small detail is a great use of what would otherwise be blank space in the ear, and a detail that big fans of the Jungle Cruise will get a kick out of. Until next time!

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