Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Vinylmation Dreaming - Captain EO

Welcome to another Vinylmation Dreaming post, where I talk about Vinylmation that I hope are produced someday. Today I want to share my idea for a Captain EO Vinylmation. Captain EO seems to be a love it or hate it attraction. It had two runs at Walt Disney World (1986-1994 and 2010-2015) and now that it's second run has sadly come to an end, I think it's time for this extinct attraction to be immortalized as a Vinylmation.

I found a Captain EO Vinylmation by custom artist Justin Marshall, and I think his design would be just perfect! While the obvious option would be a vinyl of Michael Jackson as Captain EO, using his image may be an issue. Either way, I think Justin's design is far more creative. He used the body, arms and legs of the figure for the Captain EO logo, with a background of outer space and stars. I love the metallic colors he's used! The head represents the black screen of the theater, with purple 3D glasses on the face to represent the audience watching the 3D attraction.

Another neat feature of Justin's design is the silver glove on the vinyl's head, a wonderful nod to Captain EO himself. I think this design would work incredibly on either a 3" Vinylmation figure, or as a 9" like Justin created. Maybe this could be part of the MIA Park #15 set?

Or even an Eachez with Captain EO and the Supreme Leader:

It could even be a 9"/3" or 3"/Jr. combo with Captain EO's sidekick Fuzzball:

I would buy any form of a Captain EO Vinylmation for sure! I hope one day one of these ideas comes to fruition.

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