Sunday, November 09, 2014

Vinylmation Stories - Mascots

The Mascot figures were some of the first vinyls I bought that were not from the Park line. I loved them from the moment I saw them and I'm disappointed by the criticism I've read of them. I debated on whether or not to get them because they weren't from the Park line. I collect what I love but I don't have unlimited money and space!

These figures appealed to me because of the style they've been created in and what they represent. I love the old collegiate feel they have and their vintage colors. I bought them as I was nearing completion of my undergraduate degree and about to start my postgrad. I needed some cheerleaders to get me through!

I bought Mickey to be my mascot as I finished up college for the first time and went back again for my postgrad. I have always loved Mickey and I love this vinyl's baseball cap accessory. I bought Pluto as my brother's mascot, to remind me to encourage and motivate my younger brother, who was about to start his associate's degree as I finished up my degree. He is in tech school learning to be an engineer, so it was perfect that Pluto is holding a fantastic flag accessory reading "tech". Pluto was also my brother's favorite character growing up. Perfect!

Finally I bought Goofy as a mascot for my husband who had decided to go back to school to get a second degree. I love his foam finger accessory! They look fantastic all in a line together on my desk and I would see them every time I sat down to study. I still love them just as much to this day, and they are still sat on my desk at home.

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