Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Collector's Space - Free Your Vinyls

There is a popular opinion in the Vinylmation community that vinyls should be kept in their boxes. Not every collector thinks this, and it's all down to personal choice whether or not to take Vinylmation out of their boxes. Many collectors like to preserve how their vinyls were when they bought them. Others keep them "mint in box" in the hopes that they will hold their value, or even increase in value, so that they have the option to sell them later. Some collectors just find it easier to display Vinylmation by being able to stack them in their boxes.

Personally, I'm an advocate of taking vinyls out of their boxes. Firstly, I think it can be hard to see the figures in all their glory when they're boxed. You miss out even more by keeping Vinylmation in their boxes when they have amazing detail on the back. It's harder to see the front, but you miss out on half the design completely by keeping them in the box.

I also think Vinylmation display more nicely when removed from the box. While you can easily stack Vinylmation by keeping them in their boxes (like the picture above) I personally think that can look cluttered and untidy. I also think keeping Vinylmation in their boxes can remove the personal nature of a collection. A display of boxed figures looks more like a generic store display than a hand picked collection of sentimental artwork. The boxes can also blend together in appearance, taking away the individualism of each figure by preventing them from standing out.

Beautiful artwork on the packaging can definitely be a motivation to leave Vinylmation in their boxes. You like the box because of the art, and if you take the Vinylmation out, then what will you do with the box? Despite everything I've just said, recently I've been struggling to take some of my Vinylmation out of their boxes for that very reason.

For the most part, I love the boxes, and by keeping my vinyls in there I get to look at both. But, I display my collection on custom made Vinylmation shelves, which means new additions can't be displayed on my shelves unless they're unboxed. Most of my 9" figures are still in their boxes so that I can stack them in a closet. Regretfully I do not have the space to display all of them all the time.

(Some of my boxed Vinylmation)

As for my boxed 3" figures, I love the artwork on all of the boxes pictured (with the exception of the Dr. Facilier set) which makes it hard to take the figures out. The Dr. Facilier set box is nothing special, so I still don't know why I'm reluctant to unbox him. The packaging is so dark that I know I'm missing out on seeing his incredible design by keeping him in there. I don't know what's stopping me.

In that sense, it would be nice if Vinylmation could easily slide in and out of their boxes like POP Vinyls do, so that you can switch between displaying your Vinylmation in and out of their boxes. Usually I'm able to unbox my vinyls when I think of a way to re-purpose the boxes I like, so I don't have to throw them away.

I'd love to hear if you keep you Vinylmation in their boxes of if you take them out. If you do the former, have you regretted unboxing your figures? If you never take a Vinylmation out of its box, what's your reason?


  1. I do love your Tigger is That You set! The Villainous Duos is really cool with Anastasia and Drizella also. I can see why you'd want to keep some of these in the boxes, they're really a part of the collection.

    1. Thanks! I love that set too! I want to take it out because I want to display it, but the box is absolutely beautiful!