Monday, February 01, 2016

Vinylmation Review - Haunted Mansion Series #2

The Haunted Mansion is a Disney attraction that has remained popular over the years and across generations. Its popularity appears to be growing, and with that comes an increasing demand for more Haunted Mansion merchandise, which we have seen from the opening of Memento Mori and its line of Haunted Mansion decor, clothing and accessories.

The Haunted Mansion Series #1 was a strong set that proved popular, so I think it's great that Disney have released the Haunted Mansion Series #2.

Things to love about this series:
  • The use of clear - it works perfectly for the ghost figures and I can't see how they could have been designed any better than that
  • Good selection of characters - there are so many to choose from in the attraction, and we've already had several released in the first series. I'm glad there were no repeats in the way the Skeleton Helmsman has been repeated across the Pirates of the Caribbean series
  • Popular figures - I think collectors will be thrilled to finally have Ezra to accompany the other 2 hitchhiking ghosts. The caretaker is another character I think collectors will be happy to own, and the skeleton portrait of Master Gracey will go well with the living Master Gracey from the first series
  • Great use of accessories - Ezra wouldn't be complete without his bowler hat, the caretaker definitely needed his baseball cap and lantern, and Madame Leota looks fantastic with her crystal ball accessory
  • Good use of a variant - I think the variants from the first Haunted Mansion series have created an expectation that there would be variants in this series. Collectors won't be disappointed by the variants that were chosen for this series! Again there's a hitchhiking ghost variant and also a variant of Madame Leota

Things that aren't so great:
I don't have any complains about this series. I think the characters are all great choice and the variants will entice collectors to keep buying blind boxes. My personal opinion is that the chaser isn't strong enough that I would keep buying blind boxes for it. I think the Opera Singer is a fun and memorable character, with a well executed design, but I think the portrait of Master Gracey is a more popular and appropriate figure for the chaser. 

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