Monday, April 18, 2016

5 Year Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the day I bought my first Vinylmation back in 2011. I joined the hobby and started collecting Vinylmation 5 years ago exactly. Here's an update on what my collection looks like after 5 years...

I currently own:

3" Vinylmation - 167
9" Vinylmation - 11
Jr. Vinylmation - 14
Park Starz - 9

Making a grand total of 201 Vinylmation!

I can't believe I own that many Vinylmation! I know I have nothing on some collectors with hundreds of vinyls, but I really don't want my collection to get too big or out of control. As it is I don't display all of those vinyls at the same time, which is probably why it doesn't feel like I have as many as I do. There are still more that I want to add to my collection and I'm sure there are still more releases on the horizon! 

If you're interested in seeing how much collection has grown in the past year, check out my 4 Year Anniversay update from 2015.


  1. How cool! All kinds of anniversaries and birthdays! Congratulations on four years of collecting. I'm going to make you show me all of them when I come visit. ;)

    1. Thank you! As it happens, both are very close together. Sure thing, but just so you know that might take a couple days! ;)

  2. I love this piece! The clear with the little mickeys inside is fabulous. I was actually thinking that instead of starting a mini-collection of these...just getting one every trip so they mean something. We will see!!

    1. I do too! (Although I don't own it). I think also that no two look exactly the same, it just depends how the confetti fell. One every trip sounds like a great idea! You could grab a blind box of a series, or stick to the ones with the year on them :)