Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Backside of Vinyls - Bruce

In honor of Finding Dory being released on Friday, I pushed June's Backside of Vinyls post back a week and chose a Finding Nemo theme!

Bruce is of course the shark from Finding Nemo who tries very hard to stick to the motto "fish are friends, not food". The back of this Vinylmation is just a continuation of the front. We have the back of Bruce's body and his tail on the back of the vinyl's head, then on the arms of the figure are both of Bruce's fins, and the backs of the ears show waves from the sea.

On the back of the figure's body, we can see black of the deep sea Bruce swims in, along with bubbles. The neat touch about the backside of this vinyl is that on the right side of the back of the body, one of the bubbles is a hidden Mickey. That little detail is really what makes the back of this figure all the more interesting.


  1. This piece is so clever...everything from the black ocean depths to the bubbles and the placement of the fins on the arms of the figure. Well designed!

  2. Oh yeah, I see the hidden Mickey! Very cute! I assume the top of his head is his dorsal fin? This is a neat one.