Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vinylmation Review - Adventureland Jr. Series

I love spending time in Adventureland, so when an Adventureland Jr. series was released I was instantly interested and excited to see what figures would be a part of that set. I always prefer 3" figures over Jr. figures, but I think this set is extremely high quality and it certainly drew me in, despite being a Vinylmation Jr. series.

Reasons to love this series:
  • Fantastic designs - I love the cute and colorful designs on all the figures in this series! They are bold, eye catching, and they accurately represent the bright colors of Adventureland. On top of that, each figure looks exactly as it should: the Tiki Room birds are true to life, and the expression on the Orange Bird is spot on
  • Great mix of characters - I think there's something for everyone in this set. There are more obvious characters like Jose, Michael, Pierre and Fritz, plus the Jungle Cruise Hippo and Elephant, in addition there are some more unknown characters for hardcore fans such as myself, including the Tiki Room drummer, Tiki Room Totem, the Skull from the Jungle Cruise, and Rosita, and of course, everyone loves the Orange Bird! 
  • Appealing chasers - there are 2 chasers in this series: the Tiki Room Drummer and Fritz. If you don't care for the Tiki Room, then I guess neither would be appealing chasers, but on the whole I think both designs are incredibly strong and each one appeals to a different type of collector. Most people will recognize Fritz and those who are bigger fans will recognize and chase after the Tiki Room Drummer too

Things that aren't so great:
I really don't have a single criticism of this series. There are some figures that appeal to me much less than others, but I don't think a bad design or character choice exists here. I think this set is fully representative of Adventureland and I think it's a job well done for artist Caley Hicks who designed this entire set. 


  1. Nice review! I think, personally, I would like to see something from Pirates in here also, but all in all, a pretty neat set.

    1. I agree, Pirates should definitely have been included somehow