Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Vinylmation Beginner's Guide - Vinylmation Jr. Display Ideas

Vinylmation Jr. figures don't seem to be as popular as their 3" counterparts, and I think part of the reason for that is collectors not knowing what to do with them. For me personally, I was not initially drawn to Vinylmation Jr. due to their smaller size and attachment to a keychain. I like to display my 3" figures on shelves, and Jr. figures always seemed more difficult for me to display. 

If you are also wondering how you can display Jr. Vinylmation, look no further! I hope to give you some inspiration and ideas in this post. 

(Not my collection)

The most obvious way to house your Jr. Vinylmation is in a display cabinet like in the picture above. Ikea has some fantastic display cabinets for your Jr., 9" or 3" Vinylmation. The Jr. figures in this display case are then arranged on a multi-level display box (available at the Container Store) that fits within the shelf.

If you'd like to use the keychain to display your Jr. figures, you can buy or create a pinboard and hang your Vinylmation on the pinboard using thumbtacks:

(Not my collection)

Another great idea is to use a shadowbox for your Jrs, like in the picture below. You could even use this same idea with cubbies.

(Not my collection)

As for me personally, I am currently storing my Vinylmation Jr. until I can decide on the best way for me to display them. I will post later on how I store them and add a link to that post here. I also use my Vinylmation Jr. as keychains very carefully and occasionally in order to preserve them. If you would like to read about how to preserve your Vinylmation, especially Jr. figures when using them as keychains, you should read this post.

I'm sure there are plenty of other creative ways to display your Jr. Vinylmation that I haven't covered here, but I hope this has given you a good start and inspired you to think of your own ideas!

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  1. These are some pretty cool ideas for displays. I know you'll come up with some great ways that will showcase yours well.