Sunday, June 05, 2016

Vinylmation Stories - Wicket

Today I'll be telling the story of why I added Wicket from Star Wars #3 to my collection. For starters, I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan. I love the movies and the score, I have a ton of Star Wars clothing and shoes, and I even have a Star Wars themed bathroom. But my passion for Star Wars does not mean I automatically buy every Star Wars Vinylmation released. I still like to stick to my favorite Walt Disney World attractions in Vinylmation form.

Wicket was the first Star Wars series Vinylmation that I purchased, and I decided that he had to join my collection because 1) Who doesn't love Ewoks? 2) He's just too adorable and 3) even though he doesn't appear in the Star Tours attraction, he reminds me of the exterior to Star Tours because it's themed to Endor, Wicket's home planet.

When I look at Wicket I think back to one of my favorite Hollywood Studios attractions - Star Tours, and that's what collecting Vinylmation is all about, the memories they bring. I have also had a great time taking pictures with Wicket at Hollywood Studios, which you can see here. I love his chubby little face, big eyes, adorable expression, and the Endor foliage in his ears. I'm very happy to own Wicket.

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