Friday, March 07, 2014

Vinylmation Review - Park Starz #2 Variants

Welcome back to Vinylmation Review! Today I'll be giving my opinion on the four Park Starz #2 Variants. First up...

Tower of Terror Glow-In-The-Dark Bellhop Variant

This variant was extremely predictable, most collectors had guessed that this would be one of the variants. I don't think it's a bad idea, I think a glow in the dark Tower of Terror bellhop is very appropriate, considering the haunted, eerie nature of the attraction. However, in practicality, this vinyl just isn't for me. How often do you see your vinyl glow in the dark? I can see why a collector might want this variant and the original figure, as they do have very different appearances. Looking at this variant in the light, I much prefer the original figure. I don't like the weird color of glow in the dark material, not to mention that these colors don't match how the Tower of Terror bellhops actually look. So to summarize: great idea but I'll pass on this figure.

The Skeleton Pirate and Red Head variant combo pack

Interesting idea here, our first two pack combo variant. On top of that, the skeleton pirate is from Park Starz #1. More and more originality here! I really love the vintage look that these figures have, but then I'm into that kind of thing. I'm actually not sure which version of the skeleton pirate I prefer - this one or the original common. So in an of itself, I think this is a great and desirable set. (I heard it went to outlet, but that's not to say that it isn't a good set, a lot of the time outlet figures are just way overproduced). But, if you already own the pirate and the Red Head, I'm not sure why you'd want this too. The Red Head is iconic because of her color, why make her sepia?! I can see reasons why a collector would want this set and I can see reasons why a collector wouldn't. I passed, but I'm not big into Park Starz anyway. I do commend the idea though of a two pack variant combo set that crosses two series.

Fossilized Carnotaurus Variant

I just LOVE this figure!! Again another predictable choice, I heard rumors that this would be the variant, but what more can you do with a dinosaur? What I will say is this figure came out miles better than I thought it would! I can't put my finger on what I don't like about the common figure, but for some reason it's not that appealing to me, despite the great character choice and Dinosaur being one of my favorite attractions. The variant is a completely different story! I love the colors, the skeleton, it really looks like a menacing Carnotaurus fossil and that's exactly what it should look like. It's so different from the original in a good way, that I think collectors who have the common figure would still want to add this variant to their collection too. I really want this figure, but haven't been able to pick one up yet. I hope I can soon!

Clear Gus Hitchhiking Ghost Variant 

Again, another predictable variant here. After the clear Haunted Mansion Bride Variant (Constance) from Park Starz #1, many collectors thought the fourth Park Starz #2 variant would be a clear Gus, one of the three Hitchhiking Ghosts. Indeed it was. I don't like the common of this figure and I never have. It just doesn't look at all like Gus. Gus has hair on his head, he's not bald like this figure and he has a ball and chain attached to his foot. He doesn't have what looks like a bowling ball for a hand. I digress. But this variant I like a little more. It still doesn't look like Gus of course, for reasons I just mentioned, but the clear makes him look a lot more like a ghost which is cool. But as with some of the other variants, I'm not sure if a collector would really want the common and the variant of this figure, but each to their own.

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