Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vinylmation Stories - Skeleton Helmsman

Skeleton Helmsman
Series: Pirates of the Caribbean #1
Artist: Casey Jones

I am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan! (The ride I mean, the movies are good too, but the ride came first). Looking back and remembering the first attractions I visited at Walt Disney World, Pirates of the Caribbean is one that really stands out. The first scene along the beach with the crabs snapping, seagulls cawing, the wind blowing, "dead men tell no tales"... that was always my favorite scene. When I think of Pirates of the Caribbean, one character stands out... the skeleton helmsman.

Here he is...


I really loved the whole Pirates of the Caribbean series and thought it was a fantastic idea for a series. But I forced myself to be choosy and not buy them all. But if you're interested, the other characters that stand out to me after the skeleton pirate are: the man in the well ("Don't tell him Carlos! Don't be chicken!), the hairy leg man and the pirate auctioneer. So there's the story behind why I had to add the Pirate Helmsman to my Vinylmation collection. I know there's also a Pirates of the Caribbean Helmsman from Park #5 but I prefer this one, it just looks more accurate to the character in the ride.

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