Saturday, August 01, 2015

Calling All Vinylmation Collectors!

I want to see YOUR collection! I hope to begin a new series of posts showing how Vinylmation fans display their prized possessions. But I need your help! If you are interested in sharing, and want to see your collection featured here, please email me pictures and a short description to

(This is not my collection)

A description is not necessary but if you'd like to provide one, here's the kind of info I'm interested in:
  • How long have you been collecting?
  • Which Vinylmation do you focus on collecting? (Park Series, anything Mickey, etc.)
  • How many vinyls do you own?
  • Do you collect 3" or 9"?
  • (Optional) What state you live in (just the state, not your city) or country you live in if you're an international collector

I hope you hear from you!


  1. Cool idea for a feature, I would submit a picture of my collection ... but as I've not been collecting for long it's still a pretty small one and not very interesting!

  2. I think you should submit yours anyway :) we all start somewhere and I enjoying seeing how collections begin, probably more than seeing a collection of hundreds of vinyls. Smaller collections can be more meaningful