Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Backside of Vinyls - Primeval Whirl

Today on The Backside of Vinyls, I'm taking a look at the back side of Primeval Whirl from Park #6. This figure, designed by Thomas Scott, truly impresses me with all the little details it includes from the Animal Kingdom attraction.

Let's begin with the back of the Vinylmation's head. It depicts a meteor crashing down toward a dinosaur near the start of the attraction. (Pictured below). I love how the meteor starts in the vinyl's ear and makes its way down the back of the head.

There is no space wasted on this figure, even the arms include aspects from the ride. From the back, you can see an atom that stretches over the vinyl's right arm. The atom can be seen during your ascent at the beginning of the attraction:

(The blue star is pictured under the "e" in the phrase "Back in Time" and
above the "e" in the phrase "WAY back in Time")

Notice at the top of the right arm, on the back of the Vinylmation is a blue star, taken from the same segment of the ride. (You can see it above the "e" in "Time" in the picture below). Finally, let's move on to the back of the Vinylmation. The firey looking arches you move under at the start of the ride feature diagonally across the vinyl's back. In the middle is a blue alarm clock taken from one of the arches:

There are so many details in this ride that I think have been captured perfectly on this figure. I love the bright colors and the attention to detail by artist Thomas Scott. I love looking at this figure in my collection and being taken right back to Dinoland USA.

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