Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vinylmation Review - Peter Pan Series

Peter Pan is a true Disney classic and in my opinion, a fantastic choice for a Vinylmation series that has proved to be successful. Caley Hicks and Ron Cohee did an amazing job at designing these figures and I wanted to share my review.

Things to love about this series:
  • The characters - I think everyone you could want is in this series. (Well, Mr Smee is missing, as is Tick Tock, but you can get both from the Villains series)
  • The accessories - how perfect is Michael's hat and umbrella?! Plus Nana and Wendy have bows, Tiger Lilly has a feather, and Captain Hook has not just an awesome hat, but also a hook for a hand. As they all should
  • Likeness - I think Michael, John, Peter, Nana and Captain Hook, are absolutely spot on in looking like they do on screen. Tinkerbell and Wendy are great, I just think Wendy isn't as perfect and Tink looks a little on the chubby side. But they are still fantastic figures
  • The ears - you know I love good artwork in the ears! Peter has Neverland and Tinkerbell, and the three children have their bedroom wallpaper in the ears. Nothing else would be more appropriate
  • Worthy chaser - I think Tiger Lilly is both a desirable character and a sought after Vinylmation, since it's been designed so well
  • Amazing variants - the variants are appropriate: Wendy, John and Michael sprinkled in pixie dust. On top of that, they are beautiful! I've never made it my mission to own variants, but I wish I owned these!
  • Mix of molds - I love that both the Mickey and Minnie mold are in this series. It works perfectly for Nana, Wendy, Tinkerbell and Tiger Lilly, plus it's nice to see things mixed up a little

Things that aren't so great:
I don't think that there's anything not to like about this series. However, some might be wishing we had a Tick Tock or Mr Smee. Others might also be tired of repeats of Captain Hook, Nana, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Personally, I think Captain Hook and Nana needed a do-over and these versions blow their predecessors out of the water

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