Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Collector of Habit - Up

Welcome to another installment of Collector of Habit. Today I'm suggesting collecting Up themed Vinylmation.

You could begin with the Pixar #1 Carl and Ellie twin pack:

Include Carl's childhood hero, Charles Muntz from Villains #5:

No Up Vinylmation collection would be complete without Russell from Pixar #3:

Don't forget the lovable Dug, from Pixar #1, and his nemesis Alpha from Pixar #2:


Mix up your collection by adding a 9" figure, with the Park #6 Up Vinylmation:

If you love the Disney Pixar movie Up like I do, you might want to consider adding some (or even all) of these Up figures to your Vinylmation collection. Until next time!

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