Sunday, March 20, 2016

Vinylmation Stories - Wild West Minnie

The reason for me buying Wild West Minnie is similar to the story behind why I bought Wild West Donald. When I look at this Minnie Vinylmation, I'm reminded of an aspect of my home state's history that I am very proud of. Minnie was designed to be a Pioneer woman, but I look at her and am reminded of Amish women. Her bonnet and apron are what make me think of the women in Amish communities, although Minnie's bonnet is pink as opposed to white or black,

Here in Oklahoma, we have two prominent Amish communities, despite many people believing that Amish communities don't exist outside of Pennsylvania. I have visited our Amish communities many times, and I enjoy my time there every trip. The Amish are a very welcoming, friendly, and kind people, and their food is delicious!

I had to add Minnie to my collection because of her beautiful design, and because of how much she makes me think of my home state, and the wonderful varied culture we have here.


  1. Very cool! I never even knew this vinyl existed. We have a rather large Amish population here in Ohio also, especially central, southern, and southeastern, but also a fair amount right here in Northwest Ohio in our rural areas. Nice to learn about different states and areas, thanks Chloe!

  2. I agree...very Amish in appearance. We have large groups of Amish in Iowa as well. :) Here they are known for building amazing furniture in addition to their pies and baked goods!