Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Backside of Vinyls - General Knowledge

I've been in a real Cranium Command mood recently, reminiscing about this incredibly intelligent and hilarious attraction, formerly in existence at Epcot. So that's the figure I'll be looking at in today's installment of The Backside of Vinyls.

This figure is an example of a Vinylmation that has a really neat, subtle touch on the back. It's not so much amazing, intricate detail like some vinyls have, but more of a neat surprise for collectors who choose to remove their figures from their boxes and display them.

The only extra detail on the back of General Knowledge is a chicken in his right ear. I think this is an incredible addition that really makes big fans like me thrilled! It's only a small detail, but it not only prevents space on the figure from being left blank, but it also has deeper meaning to Walt Disney World veterans.

The chicken comes from the Cranium Command pre-show, where General Knowledge says to the new recruits, "if you meatballs can't fly right, you'll wind up piloting one of these!" as he points to the above picture of a chicken. It's a great nod to an extinct Future World attraction, and it really shows how artist Maria Clapsis did her homework and made the vinyl reflect Cranium Command in more ways than one.


  1. Oh how I loved Cranium Command! I miss that and the Martin Short one. This makes me yearn for Disney to go retro and bring some of these greats back!

    1. Oh how I wish they would! I don't understand why they closed Wonders of Life when it hasn't been re-purposed. They could have kept the attractions going so we could enjoy them, instead of leave thee pavilion empty! I'm glad you share my love of Cranium Command! I miss it too. At least I have the characters in Vinylmation form! I couldn't pass up this set!