Friday, March 04, 2016

Jr. #14 It's A Small World Series Release

The Jr. #14 It's A Small World series has been released today at D-Street, Disney Pin Traders and the Disney Store Online. This is a 12 figure blind box set with 11 common figures and a chaser. All figures were designed by Caley Hicks. Each blind box retails for $9.95.


  1. There are some great pieces here. If I could choose which one I would get I would do it, but with my luck I wouldn't get the adorable zebra, koala or panda!

    1. That's how I feel, and then you can't trade! But, if you wanted to chance it, I would take the German girl, the cowboy, and the goose from you if you were to get those. I would give you the panda, zebra and koala if I got them :)

    2. Not sure it would be worth the shipping to send it back and forth! And remember I am not near a Disney Store like some OTHER people.