Saturday, May 10, 2014

Disney Store Trade

I had a great time trading at my local Disney Store yesterday. They have a clear 3 figure trade box that seems to change multiple times a week. I guess we have a strong collecting community here! There's the usual, predictable vinyls in there that people don't want from time to time. But I've seen other, more desirable figures in there too.

When I visit a couple times in a week, there's always at least 1 new figure in the box, sometimes all 3 are different from the last time I visit. That really keeps me coming back! Yesterday I took my Wild West Pluto that I picked up trading at Walt Disney World last year, and traded him at my local Disney Store for Captain Gantu from Villains #4. I wanted that figure, but not enough to try my luck at blind boxing or to buy from the secondary market. Very pleased to have traded in store!

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